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Clear type flange spray shield

Though a number of flange shields are being used in industries but one shield that has been in demand is the clear type Flange shield.The clear type shield is made of transparent inspection window which makes inspection of the flange easily possible.This also helps in detecting any leak with mere visual inspection.

These shields have PTFE coated fibreglass on the both ends which have excellent chemical resistance to any hazardous material.These shields are more popular for valves,union,Bends and T piping joints.Installation of these shields is very easy and no special skills is required.Clear type shields are stitched with Yellow Kevlar rope which has a very high strength.Normal cotton threads sold in the market will not last long in case of a leak.These shields are also dielectric and are uv resistant.Uv resistance gives the shield enhanced life even in case of exposure to sun light.These shields can withstand pressures of up to 1650 PSI with enhanced thickness of the material.These s…
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Safety officer - It's Time to check your safety procedures

A safety officer ensure that policies and safety regulations are followed by his co-workers. His primary focus is to ensure safety of manpower at the manufacturing plant and containing incidents happening because of unsafe procedures and negligence.

In today’s times companies have started using UAV’s to keep a real time check on safety procedures. The monetary objective reduces the workers compensation by almost one third. The long term objective is improvement in workers morale resulting in better productivity and overall creating a safe environment.

A safety officer investigates incidents to prevent recurrence and ensures continuity of production. At times piping accidents have happened because the workers had inadequate knowledge about safety procedures and equipment’s. Safety gears can be divided in two categories the first being used by the worker himself like protective suits, helmets, glasses, safety shoes, appropriate hand gloves, gas masks and the second category being …

History of Valves

Valves are used in regulating the flow of a fluid. The Roman Empire was unmatchable in early days in controlling and storage of fresh waters. In fact the castellum was the first water Sewerage system in the historic city of Pompeii. 

The distribution and regulation of water from the aqueduct through 3 outlets was done by the castellum. Egg shaped Lead Pipe was used in the transportation of water. Unfortunately the  ancient city of Pompeii was buried under the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. The excavations have led to the finding of bronze valves which were used to pump water uphill to the castellum.

With the technological advancement in the modern times our piping system as a whole have improved dramatically. Valves are being used in wide range of industry and are also being governed by different regulations. The various governing standards as per region are ISO,ANSI,EN,BSI,DIN,JSA etc. 

These valves handle pressures in excess of 2500 PSI and temperature of around thousand …

Flange Safety - Regulations

When the word “Safety” comes to our mind it brings two different kind of thought process. First is danger, risk,injuries, accidents and life. The second thought is protection, The word “safe” itself comes from French word “sauf.”

History of US piping system goes back to early 13 th century when wooden pipes were used. Water pipe companies in the 16 th century used bored tree trunks for transportation of water. As early as 18 th century gas was transported in wooden pipes and by the late 18 th century it was also being used to ferry oil. Infact oil was stored in wooden tanks. 

Cast iron pipes first came to use for water distribution in the city of Philadelphia,United States  in early 18 th century. The obvious reason of using it was it could carry higher water pressure.
In June 1927 the first tentative standard for Flange and Pipe fitting came into force and was known as American tentative standard b16e which was later replaced by ASA B16.5 in 1953.
Flange safety is governed by a number of…

Need of the hour- Affordable Safety

Technology is improving by leaps and bounds on an hourly basis.What was impossible yesterday is possible today. We have numerous safety products bringing almost absolute safety to our manpower machines, equipment and environment. Still we are struggling to control incidents and accidents. Incidents that bring enormous damage to our environment and families shattered by injuries and deaths of loved ones..our coworkers by profession.

One factor that is very deterrent to the safety industry is high pricing in terms of brand name, in terms of quality, in terms of marketing and in terms of profiteering. We as a part of the safety industry believe that safety products should be correctly priced. as at times companies avoid safety because they can’t afford it. Quality has always scope for improvement though after certain parameters are met it suffices the minimum need of the industry to which you are serving.

By adding glamour to the product in terms of look or feel. You are adding a cost whic…

Points To Remember While Purchasing Flange shields

As a customer when you are ordering Safety Flange shields,you should provide as many details you can to the manufacturer.This will help in achieving proper Fitting of the flange guards and ensuring Complete safety from spillage through piping system. Always Remember, a flange guard is onky as good as its fitting.

Details you should provide:
1.Process liquid and concentration  2.Temperature 3.Flange standard ASA/DIN/JIS 4.Flange rating i.e pressure as flange dimensions change according to pressure rating. 5.Flange MOC i.e Stainless steel,CS etc 6.Pipe size i.e inches or NB nominal bore 7.Jumpers if any on the flanges 8.If discharge nozzles are required 9.Piping on discharge nozzles and Length 10.Pictures if any of critical Flange joints 11.Any extra locking arrangement -Zip lock,Buttons etc
These details will help the manufacturer in sending you a fast forward offer and will be able to precisely match your requirements.This will also save you from headache of improper fitting spray shields and retu…

Pipe Spray Protection

Flange guards are a great way to provide protection to pipelines against accidental spray outs of harmful chemicals. You may own a business in the chemicals or petrochemicals sector.  Your business might require carrying hazardous chemicals over long distances through pipelines. 
If for some reason there is a spray out from these pipes then it could lead to major accidents causing create damage to humans, machinery and plant. Thus they must be prevented at all times. One great way to prevent these from happening is by using high quality flange guards. AtIndana Steelwe are one of the leading manufacturers of flangeguards through this blog we will make you aware how you can use flange guards to prevent any major accidents.  Why flange guards are essential?In case if you have a business where in carrying hazardous chemicals is transported through pipe lines over long distances, you must take note of the fact that with time these pipes tend to wear off and become weak. These become vulnerab…