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Customer questions - Flange spray shield

Customers have a lot of questions in mind when buying a product.These are genuine concerns and as a manufacturer it is our responsibility to clarify Concerns while  buying flange safety spray shields: 1.Price ? All our shields are very affordable...Infact we are the cheapest. 2.So are you compromising on the quality ? Absolutely not! All our Flange Safety shields are better than the best. 3.What is the guarantee? All our shields come with 18 months free replacement guarantee for you. 4.Who are your Customers  ? Shell ,Total,Fresnius Kabi,TATA,BASF,ADM and many many more... 5.What is the shipment time ? Depending on the type of  shield....immediate to 3 weeks.. 6.What is the catch ? We work on  low margins and reasonable marketing budget. 7.How do you accept payments ? We accept payments through Banks in USD. 8.Any hidden charges ? No! We are absolutely  transparent and  woman owned business. 9.Any Local taxes applicable ? No local taxes are cha

Flange Guards & Spray Shields On Oil & Gas Joints For Shell & Total

In the year 2015 Shell and Total joint venture known as Hazira LNG PVT.LTD based in Hazira, Gujarat, India decided to change all its existing Flange shields because of the end of life of shields and various maintenance concerns. This facility has cargo jetties for unloading of gas and vapor.Gas and vapor are stored in tanks at minus one hundred and sixty degrees. This gas is sent to regasification units to be shipped to customers. Our team on visiting the unit observed that they were using Kleer band Flange shields with the worm gear.These Flanges were standard ASME flanges up to size 28 inches and flange pressure rating was #600. These flanges had a lot of structure in form of jumpers and clamps welded to them.No standard flange spray guard could serve the purpose.The challenge was each flange had a different design of flange shield which would cover all external structures welded to the flanges.Initially, they planned to change approximately 100 odd flange shields.Apart f

Gas Tragedy Which Injured Half A Million

This industrial accident at a renowned gas unit which killed 15000 workers and left over half a million with nonfatal injuries.The mere mention of the incident sends shivers down the spine. We decided to look at it from the safety viewpoint and to find out the failures that eventually led to it. Union Carbide India Limited, Bhopal started a pesticide plant in 1970.On 3rd of December,1984 this plant released a poisonous gas into the environment, immediately killing thousands of people. This Catastrophic incident was caused by three primary causes: 1.Equipment 2. Maintenance 3.Safety System This poisonous gas known as Methyl isocyanate was stored in a tank E610 which held 42 metric tonnes of Liquid. Failures: 1. The tank was filled beyond specified maximum Safety limit of 30 MT which is 50% of the holding capacity. This led to the loss of nitrogen gas pressure which was used in emptying the tank. 2. Most of the safety equipment was not working.