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Mistakes that People Make while working with flange guards

Flange guards as you would know are safety shields which help to secure the vulnerable pipe joints in plants where in pipes carry hazardous chemicals and substances. Accidental spray out of such harmful chemicals can often lead to major industrial damage to humans, the valuable plant & machinery and even the environment.  However while selecting flange guards and working with them you need to be associated with them. We at  Indana Steel  being one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of the best quality flange guards want to make you aware of the risks and dangers with them and at the same time inform you avoiding the 3 common mistakes people make working with them.  Common mistakes to avoid while working with flange guards Not wearing gloves while working on them  It is a generally tendency of people not to take the adequate precautions while working with flange guards. On of them which is common is not using hand gloves while working with them. What yo