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Clear type flange spray shield

Though a number of flange shields are being used in industries but one shield that has been in demand is the clear type Flange shield. The clear type shield is made of transparent inspection window which makes inspection of the flange easily possible. This also helps in detecting any leak with mere visual inspection.

flange shield

These shields have PTFE coated fiberglass on the both ends which have excellent chemical resistance to any hazardous material. These shields are more popular for valves, union, Bends and T piping joints. Installation of these shields is very easy and no special skills is required. Clear type shields are stitched with Yellow Kevlar rope which has a very high strength. Normal cotton threads sold in the market will not last long in case of a leak. These shields are also dielectric and are uv resistant. 

Uv resistance gives the shield enhanced life even in case of exposure to sun light. These shields can withstand pressures of up to 1650 PSI with enhanced thickness of the material. These spray shields are mainly exported as in Indian market the consumption of HDPE shields is high. They can withstand more temperature to HDPE and are also more resistant to chemicals. 

The Indian market is always defined by price so these shields are almost 5 times the cost of a HDPE a Flange guard. We have complete portfolio of flange shields so irrespective of your industry size, we always have a affordable solution to meet your safety requirement. All our products are guaranteed so with us quality is not an issue. Please beware of people selling inefficient spray shields. That will only be a cost and will compromise you Safety inspite of taking measures.


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