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Properties of HSFG Bolts

Bolts are extensively used as a fastener. They serve various purposes and there may be various types of bolts. We at Indiana Steel being in the steel business since long and are involved in the manufacture and supply of various kinds of fasteners includes bolts. Of the various types of bolts which are in use the HSFG bolts are widely used. These are on account of the properties they have. In this blog we will explain to you what they are and their properties and benefits of using them. HSFG bolts what they are? How they are made?High Strength Friction Grip Bolts are popularly known are HSFG bolts. They are made from bars of medium carbon steel. These bolts have great strength. Their high strength is built through the process of quenching and tempering. 
This process is also known as alloying steel. Steel washers of hard steel or carburized steel are provided to evenly distribute the clamping pressure on the bolted member and to prevent the threaded portion of the bolt from bearing on th…

Top 10 points why use indana bolts in infrastructural setup?

Indiana Steel is a leading supplier and exporter of Stud bolts, ASTM, A193,B7, Hex Bolts, globally. India is getting set for developments in infrastructure. With the "Make in India" initiative gaining momentum, much is expected to happen in the infrastructure and construction sector too. With so much expected to happen the role of high quality bolts will play a role of prime importance. We will make you aware about the top 10 points why you need to use Indana bolts in the present infrastructural set up.
Why high quality bolts and fasteners so important across various industries? 1. To enhance efficiencyNo matter what you construct you need strong bolts for providing strength. If you are building bridges they need to withstand the weight of cars, trucks, and heavy vehicles. The efficiency of what you build does not only depend on the types of materials you use. The right bolts to fasten the sections of the bridge are important for maximum efficiency of your project. They are t…