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Flange Safety & the Role of Flange Guards

The national safety day in India is  4th of March  as marked by National Council of Safety, India. Celebrating safety day has lead to reduction in number of accidents in Industries and has created overall awareness. The primary objective is Safety, health and awareness. India has more than 500 million workers in organized and unorganized sector.  With a reported incident rate of approximately 1 percent. Considering the large number of population involved in labor both organized and unorganized, safety of workers is of paramount importance. The Role of Flange Guards We are trying to focus on the flange safety problem. Flanges are connecting rings and are used in a piping system as pipe joints. Flanges are integral part of piping system. Flanges are also subject to failures depending upon the end of life, gasket used and the maintenance efficiency. These piping system carry liquids at times at very high pressure and temperature. Many a times these gases and chemicals

Choose stainless steel fasteners

The use of stainless steel fasteners is quite popular in many industries. The reasons include factors like they are corrosion resistant and also because they are recyclable. The other great benefit for using them is they offer any level of usage severity.  They also have great capacities to bear load in both hot as well as cold weather. In spite of the many benefits the stainless steel fasteners have if these are not handled properly it could cause great damage to the entire set up. The following are certain mistakes you must avoid at all times: Choosing the wrong grade One thing which you ought to be careful about while choosing stainless steel factors is choosing the right grade of stainless steel fasteners. You must know that the grade 304 and 316 are the one which offer great resistance to corrosion.  So this could be your preferred choice while choosing stainless steel fasteners. In case these are to be used in weather conditions which bring about rapid corr