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What is the most commonly used material for nuts and bolts?

Be it construction or any other major industry the role of nuts and bolts and other types of fasteners are critical. Thus they determine the overall strength and structure of the largest structures.  So in case you happen to have your business in the manufacturing or construction sector we are sure that you would be interested to know what the commonly used materials for nuts and bolts are. So let us understand the different types of materials used. The different types of fastener materials used Fasteners are made with   a wide variety of  of material s . These include everything from common steel to titanium, plastic and other exotic materials. Some of these materials are again separated into different grades. This is done to describe specific alloy mixtures, hardening as well as processes involved.  Apart from this some nuts and bolts are available with a variety of coatings or platings.   This is done to increase the resistance against corrosion or alter the appearan

What Are the Benefits Of Using Nut Protection Caps?

Did you  know that nut protection caps are extremely important to provide protection to nuts which are installed in flanges, valves and pipelines? Nuts are fasteners with a threaded hole. They are used along with bolts to multiple parts together.  In the chemical industry pipes often may carry hazardous chemical and substances which are a great risk to humans, valuable equipment and environment. Unless the pipe joints are securely sealed, the hazardous chemicals may often get sprayed out causing great damage. So at the joints the nuts pay a pivotal role to seal the joints.  Thus these nuts must be protected at all costs to prevent any such unwanted industrial accidents. One very effective way to do it by using Nut protection caps.    Why nuts need protection?  In the industrial sector, nuts are widely used and they become exposed to various weather and environmental conditions. These nuts may get damaged and become weak in various weather conditions against cor