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Safety officer - It's Time to check your safety procedures

A safety officer ensures that policies and safety regulations are followed by his co-workers. His primary focus is to ensure safety of manpower at the manufacturing plant and containing incidents happening because of unsafe procedures and negligence.


In today’s times companies have started using UAV’s to keep a real time check on safety procedures. The monetary objective reduces the workers compensation by almost one third. The long term objective is improvement in workers morale resulting in better productivity and overall creating a safe environment.

A safety officer investigates incidents to prevent recurrence and ensures continuity of production. At times piping accidents have happened because the workers had inadequate knowledge about safety procedures and equipment’s. Safety gears can be divided in two categories the first being used by the worker himself like protective suits, helmets, glasses, safety shoes, appropriate hand gloves, gas masks and the second category being safety devices used on the work equipment like machine guards, Alarms, fire extinguishers and Flange guards. 

A safety officer should be well versed with these products So that workers can be educated and trained on field for the upcoming challenges. Industrial environment is always challenging because of large number of equipment’s and manpower working in sync to ensure continuity of production. Any miss could be catastrophic and will lead to injury, death or damage of the industrial equipment.

We have seen with our experience that a major number of accidents have been avoided by the use of flange or valve guards. These safety shields ensure safety of your workers by containing any hazardous fluid spillage on the manpower and equipment. So when your coworker is working near pipelines, the fear of an accident because of hazardous fluid spillage will never be in the back of his mind. This ensures faster resolution of downtime and increases productivity.

We provide most of the flange shields with Double locking so that even a fastening system failure can be contained and safety will not be a concern while working on flanges and valves. For areas where you workers difficulty to access we have designed transparent flange guards which helps you in discovering leaks from distance. All our shields are manufactured with three important factors Safety, Affordability and Easy installation. These Flange guards take less than 60 seconds to install and a completely reusable. For product information and usability, visit us at


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