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Need of the hour- Affordable Safety

Technology is improving by leaps and bounds on an hourly basis.What was impossible yesterday is possible today. We have numerous safety products bringing almost absolute safety to our manpower machines, equipment and environment. Still we are struggling to control incidents and accidents. Incidents that bring enormous damage to our environment and families shattered by injuries and deaths of loved ones..our coworkers by profession.

Safety protection

One factor that is very deterrent to the safety industry is high pricing in terms of brand name, in terms of quality, in terms of marketing and in terms of profiteering. We as a part of the safety industry believe that safety products should be correctly priced. as at times companies avoid safety because they can’t afford it. Quality has always scope for improvement though after certain parameters are met it suffices the minimum need of the industry to which you are serving.

By adding glamour to the product in terms of look or feel. You are adding a cost which is unproductive and will always remain a cost for the product. Different approval bodies have been charging an exceptionally high fees in terms of approvals which is also a major contributor to the cost of safety products.

We have serious reservations to overpricing a safety product When we look at our industry-Flange spray protectors. our fellow industry stalwarts have priced Flange shields starting at USD 20. just to meet the marketing budget of displaying there products at so called glamour events. We sincerely believe that overpricing is a serious deterrent to safety. 

We are selling Flange guards starting from USD 3.5 and are exporting to more then 10 Countries at present. The reason of pricing a Flange shield very reasonably is because we believe in safety for all of our coworkers. This is the demand of the industry. We have very reasonable amount of marketing budget parked as this is simply an added cost to the product.

We need to realise that every dollar we add to the flange shield is making safety unaffordable for someone. The use of technology in safety should be to make it affordable for all. We are vendors to some of the top most companies of the world and they have evaluation system and quality procedures. 

We believe if a Flange spray guard has been supplied and accepted by few top companies around the world it is reasonably acceptable.We are not willing to be the best..we are willing to be all..


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