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Points To Remember While Purchasing Flange shields

As a customer when you are ordering Safety Flange shields,you should provide as many details you can to the manufacturer.This will help in achieving proper Fitting of the flange guards and ensuring Complete safety from spillage through piping system. Always Remember, a flange guard is onky as good as its fitting.

Details you should provide:

1.Process liquid and concentration 
3.Flange standard ASA/DIN/JIS
4.Flange rating i.e pressure as flange dimensions change according to pressure rating.
5.Flange MOC i.e Stainless steel,CS etc
6.Pipe size i.e inches or NB nominal bore
7.Jumpers if any on the flanges
8.If discharge nozzles are required
9.Piping on discharge nozzles and Length
10.Pictures if any of critical Flange joints
11.Any extra locking arrangement -Zip lock,Buttons etc

These details will help the manufacturer in sending you a fast forward offer and will be able to precisely match your requirements.This will also save you from headache of improper fitting spray shields and returns. In international trade or exports a manufacturer can offer you a replacement of a flange guard but it will still take shipping time. 

Another concern we had recently was a customer removing all the stickers form all the flange guards which had barcoding & printed with size and pressure specifications without taking a note. After removing the stickers he could not identify the safety shields according to its sizes. He contacted us for help and was very embarrassed. We told him that there was nothing to be embarrassed & instructed him to get back to us with the length and width of the flange spray shield in order to provide him the correct size. This effort, embarrassment can be saved if he had instructed us not
To put stickers and only identification marking.

Ask your Flange guards manufacturer to provide you with 2 free samples along with every size so that replacement time and cost can be saved. Before placing an order please reconfirm the lead time as a number of times quotes have been sent a year or 6 months back. Lead time varies according to the order book and country specific public holidays. leadnce you are ready placing an order please confirm the lead time with the safety shield manufacturer.
This peculiar concern happens with customers ordering flange shields from UAE mainly in which the remittance has been done in USD but banks with branches in India have credited the money in Indian currency. This leads to a major problem with the Spray Safety manufacturer as FIRC needs to be collected from Customers bank.

When freight is in Customers scope. The best procedure is booking the cargo yourself and sending the RF Stickers Or Airway Bill to the manufacturer in India. Most of the shipping agencies require customers authorisation letter along with customer account number. This will take time and lead to delays so the best policy is manufacturer informs you with dimension along with package weight and booking is made by the customer and details should be emailed to Manufacturer. 

Flange Guard is a very important item as the safety of workers in a plant depends on it. Proper care must be taken while purchasing a flange guard & safety shield. 


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