Why Flange Guards for better Pipeline protection to avoid catastrophic accidents?

Flange guards are a great way to provide protection to pipelines against accidental spray outs of harmful chemicals. You may own a business in the chemicals or petrochemicals sector.  Your business might require carrying hazardous chemicals over long distances through pipelines. 

If for some reason there is a spray out from these pipes then it could lead to major accidents causing create damage to humans, machinery and plant. Thus they must be prevented at all times. One great way to prevent these from happening is by using high quality flange guards. At Indana Steel we are one of the leading manufacturers of flangeguards through this blog we will make you aware how you can use flange guards to prevent any major accidents. 

Why use of flange guards is so essential?

In case if you have a business where in carrying hazardous chemicals is necessary over long distances through pipes you must take note of the fact that with time these pipes tend to wear off and become weak. These become vulnerable especially at the joints. 

Thus these may become weak and ultimately lead to accidental spray outs  of these harmful chemicals and also mist formation causing great damage. These need to be prevented at all times. These can be best prevented through safety shields known as flange guards.

The flange guards use become necessary to provide safety to working staff and employees along with that of the plant and machinery. Apart from this as per Government regulation and industrial regulations the use of flange guards are essential.  Along with this the Insurance regulations make it necessary for use of flange guards. 

How flange guards ensure the necessary protection? 

Seal the joints 

Flange guards are the safety shield which seals the joints. Thus they prevent the harmful chemicals from leaking or getting sprayed out. 

Prevent the environmental contact of the matter 

The sensitive liquids and gasses which the pipes may be carrying become extremely active when they are exposed to room temperature. So flange guards which shield the pipe joints prevent the substances from coming in contact with the environment. this way therefore you can be sure that the substances being carried by the pipes are safe inside.
However for the right protection you need the best quality flange guards. this is what Indana Steel can do for you. 

Indana Steel is the one company which manufactures and supplies the best quality flange guards. This is why we are able to provide the buyers of our flange guards with a 24 monthsguarantee. We manufacture a whole range of the best quality flange guards. These include the 

Owing to our high quality of all our products including flange guards we also export to countries which require the highest quality standards. These include countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Singapore, Italy and Hong Kong. In spite of our highest quality we manufacture flange guards at most affordable prices and also customize the same to meet your requirement. So for any requirement of flange guards please get in touch with us at Indana Steel


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