Types of Material Used To Manufacture Flange Guards

Safety is one of the key requirements for many industries like chemicals and petrochemicals which require the transportation of hazardous chemicals. These can expose the working personnel and the equipment at the plant to considerable risks. Flange guards are safety shields which shield the working personnel and the surrounding equipment at such plants. 

This is why their use has been mandatory in the industries of today. However while installing flange guards at your plant you must ensure that they of high strength, easy to install, offer great efficiency and must be of the best material which suits your need. We at Indana Steel being one of the leaders in manufacture and supply of different types of flange guards list some of the types of materials which are used for the manufacture guards.

Flange guards: the materials used 


You would usually find in the market flange guards which have a teflon coating. This helps the flange guards in increasing its efficiency and effectiveness. The corrosive chemicals the pipe carry often damage and cause corrosion and thus makes the pipes especially at the joints considerably weak. 

Thus the risks of accidental spray out of these harmful chemicals become high as a result. One way of preventing this is by the use of teflon coating. This provides extra protection to the flange guards and makes them more effective.


It is possible that your business operates in a sector where under very harsh environmental condition of very high heat or pressure. If this is the case then protection in such harsh conditions requires extra care. Thus the choice of materials of flange guards in such extreme conditions needs to match the conditions as well to meet the necessary safety requirements. 
Under such extreme harsh conditions the use of Polypropylene as a material for flange guards becomes an excellent choice. The reason is that this is a material which can sustain extreme high temperatures and pressures. So PTFE flange guards are ideal in such extreme conditions.  


The material used for this type of flange guards is actually a fluoropolymer material, which is specially used to make the broad center of flange guards. The main advantage of this is that it is non-flammable and can easily handle adverse working conditions.

All the materials mentioned above is used to increase the effectiveness of a flange guard, so, you can choose as per your application need. To buy it now, you can contact Indana Steel one of the most renowned PTFE Flange Guard Manufacturers based in India. We serve our complete range worldwide at an affordable rate..

To conclude we hope that you have got a fair idea about the type of materials used for flange guards. At Indana Steel we offer a wide range of flange guards made from different materials. You can get in touch with us to buy  out the one which will suit your purpose. So stay safe by using the flange guards manufactured at Indana Steel


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